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Welcome to Homestay in Jhalong. Are you searching for a homestay in Jhalong on the web? Then stop! We already categorize the best and budget accommodations in this area for you. Our homestays are nestled on the bank of the beautiful Jaldhaka river and only minutes away from the picturesque Dalgaon viewpoint of the Kalimpong district. Enjoy the majestic sunsets across Jaldhaka, and with backwaters in the background will certainly set the scene.

paren homestay

Paren - Todey Rd, Paren Godak Khasmahal, West Bengal

rongo river view homestay

Rongo Maidan Gaon Kalimpong, West Bengal

Jhalong River view resort

Lower Paren , Bindu road, Jhalong, West Bengal

Come and experience the magic of a forgotten time – a place where there is no rush hour, where the noisiest neighbors are the birds, and time stands still. Come to this tranquil traveler's paradise and experience the very best in camping, caravanning, or relaxing in one of our luxury homestays. Do something or do nothing… it's totally up to you. Our accommodations provide the fantastic opportunity for a fun-filled relaxing adventure for the nature-loving family holidaymaker for Trekking, Bird watching, hiking, and fishing. So let us spoil you and your family by making your next holiday to our Homestay in Jhalong, an enjoyable and relaxing one.ext Here

Todey Homestay
We offers three aesthetically designed cottages set amidst landscaped greenery. Every cottage faces the majestic vista of the mountains and has its own private verandah where you can stretch out in comfort bedded cottage and double bedded cottages.

Introduction of Homestay in Jhalong

At our homestay in Jhalong, you can get magnificent views of snowcapped Bhutan Peaks, torrents flowing down the mountain slopes, dense forest, landscapes with firs, pines & ferns, and all that combined with friendly people and modern yet colonial charm.

You can find about 2,000 different types of flowering plants in Jhalong, Bindu, Samsing, Suntalekhola including rhododendrons, orchids, magnolia, etc.

There are some 80 types of ferns including the rare fern trees, and if you care to go around the forested land, you can see some amazing animal lifelike red pandas, pangolins, yellow-throated martens, barking deer as well as leopards, and even elephants in their natural habitats.

And of course, if your vacation plan is to relax at Jhalong river camp, enjoy food, do shopping and sightseeing, the friendly natives like the Nepalis, Tibetans, and Lepchas will make you feel perfectly at home as you enjoy the fabulous weather and charm of homestay in Jhalong.

Location of Jhalong - Homestay in Jhalong

Jhalong is a small village and part of the state of West Bengal in India and is located in the northern part of the state. If you are looking for the coordinates (ie latitude and longitude) of Jhalong, it is 27.0405 ° N, 88.8738 ° E.

Geelong is geographically surrounded by the state of Sikkim to its north, Bhutan to its east, and Neera Valley National Park to its west. It stands on a narrow ridge, leading to the vast basin of the grand Himalayas.

From the Jhalong Bindu picnic spot, you get the best views of Bhutan’s snow peaks towards the north and north-east.

And the Jalandha River flows through the hills of Bengal, it forms the boundary of Bhutan and India.

Area and Altitude of Homestay in Jhalong

The popular Jhalong hill town is the nucleus of the place. The Jhalong village includes the town of Jhalong, Dalgaon, Bindu, Paren.

(paren is 3 kilometers uphill from jhalong with exhilarating natural beauty), Todey-Tangta, Rongo, and the Terai region (lower plains) among other areas.

But commonly by ‘Jhalong ‘, one means the Jhalong hill town.

The average altitude of Jhalong  Town is 2500 ft (i.e. about 762 meters). However, while approaching  Jhalong by road; you will need to cross the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jhalong Weather: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Weather comes with different faces in Jhalong and each has its unique charm. But one thing which the place offers consistently is a respite from the heat and dust.

Summer is pleasant, while winter is cold but offers great visibility and monsoon comes with lots of rains, mist & fog.

Things you should know about how to reach Jhalong

New Jalpaiguri (also known as NJP for short) is the nearest railway junction. The nearest airport is in Bagdogra. After reaching new jalpaiguri railway station NJP or Bagdogra, there is still a road distance of about 94 km to reach homestay in Jhalong.

It is about 116 km to reach this area from Bagdogra Airport. We have to decide the distance.

And it takes time to negotiate the steep mountain roads. It takes less than 3 hours to reach Jhalong village by car from NJP or Bagdogra.  Buses (from Siliguri) and shared taxis are also available. After gairibas view point it is about 2 kilometers to reach jhalong.

While arriving, one gets to see the Jaldhaka hydroel ectricity project. It is a major tourist attraction.

People & Culture of Jhalong

Immigrants from many neighboring states and countries have settled in Jhalong and Bindu. While the majority of the population is Nepalese, many are Tibetan, Lepcha, and Bengali as well.


Jhalong follows a variety of religions and religions, including Hinduism (Nepal has mostly Hindus), Buddhism (Tibetans are mostly Buddhist), and Christianity. It is a wonderful world in the hills separated from the rest of the state of West Bengal.

Local food and beverages of Homestay in Jhalong

The diversity of culture and origin of the inhabitants migrating from the lower places like Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, the lowlands, etc. are mainly reflected in the ethnic or local food and beverages that you find in the Jhalong tourist places.

While popular restaurants serve normal food to cater to tourists, if you want to taste original food such as Nepali thali, local native pickles, salted items like momos, or Tibetan items like thukpa, then you need to find the proper places will be.

As per the prevailing ratemap meal plan includes breakfast and dinner meal plan includes all major meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snacks. 

At any home stay you will get super scenic and breath-taking view for that place along with good local cuisine, taste of local culture and tradition.

A Beginner's Guide to Homestay in Jhalong Sightseeing

There are many tourist viewpoints to stay in Jhalong homestay, Just like Dalgaon Viewpoint is located a short distance from it. The same Samsing, SuntaleKhola, Rocky-Island will be close to you.

After this, you can also travel by local car-like Tung-sung, Dawai Khola, Bindu Dam.

The Next Big Thing in Places To Visit Near Jhalong

Paren Hill Village is a sparsely populated area and offers some of the best trekking routes. And from where you can get a panoramic view of Bhutan. Paran has become an excellent tourist destination in this short time.

And all that when you pass through crescent grasslands and dense forests that are rich in flowers like rhododendrons, magnolia, orchids, and varieties of wildflowers.

At some distance from the village of Paran, you find several short trekking routes. Where you can find rare animals including red pandas, deer, pangolins, and many other attractive high altitude small animals.


Todey-Tangta Trek:

This is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Jhalong, West Bengal region and offers spectacular views of the valleys and mountains along the way.

Todi-tangta is the peak of the Godak Khashmahal at an altitude of 1,312.896 m. But you do not need to be a regular trekker.

If you are physically healthy and accustomed to walking regularly, you can easily complete this route from Jhalong in about a day.

Village Tour & Trek:

To enjoy traditional Nepali food, to experience traditional Nepali food, to experience deep Nepali village life, to interact with villagers, to get deep insights into their local customs, music and dance, Jhalong tourist destination, virgins Visit villages and go between many villages. And enjoy the walks and nature of the forest.

Trekking in Rongo Village:

The Rongo Village area has many good trekking trails that provide light, moderate and extensive trekking experiences. You pass through a beautiful landscape of Cinchona plantations, medicinal plants, and tea plantations exploring flora and fauna and some quaint places.

The approach of Dalgaon:

The viewpoint of Dalgaon is a hilly village in the foothills of the Himalayas in the Jhalong region. Situated on a ridge above the Jalandhaka River, Dalgaon is known as the main tourist center. Dalgaon Park has gardens and views of the city and surrounding hills.

Chapramari wildlife sanctuary jeep safari

By staying in Jhalong, you can easily visit the Chapamari Wildlife Sanctuary. Chapramari under North Bengal has long been a major attraction for tourists.

In the guerrilla trip, you can find rare scenes of birds and animals. Such as Indian gaurs, leopards, elephants, and deer of various species, and so on.

If you are lucky, you may also get a glimpse of a horn rhino.

To see all this, you will have to book tickets from the nearest wbfdc office which is located in Murti.

And keep in mind while booking tickets, you must take a photocopy of your identity card and there are some limited jeeps for safari.

Therefore, to get your booking first, it is very important to arrive before the directed time.

Generally, safari comes every day in the morning and evening. But Thursday remains close.

Some important tips:

  • Well, you can come here at any time, but the time between November to January is the best. 
  • Take your necessary medicines with you on the tour as it is a remote area,
  • It is necessary to take a coldbuster with you, due to the rains in the low volume, it gets very cold here.