Paren Homestay

Paren Homestay Offers array of accommodation options ranging from the Wood Cot Cottage, these ethnic cottages come with proper amenities and exudes lot of coziness and warmth.

₹ 1700 / HEAD

Including All Accommodation +Whole day food+ Tax 

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Orientation OF HOMESTAY

Paren Homestay is situated on Todey hill of Jhalong North Bengal. Paren at an altitude of (2500ft) is a tranquil hill Homestay. In the northern part of West Bengal, it is adjacent to Bhutan.

Undulating stretches of green deciduous trees and myriad verities of orchids are the feasts to eyes. Come the season, exotic orchids, flowers break into a riot of colors. Do a bit of introspection sitting on the edge of the meandering rivers.

Or if you want an adrenalin rush trek up to the Todey or Tung-Sung.
Paren has situated just 4km. uphill from Jhalong river camp of Kalimpong district. It is another beautiful and important hill station at the Tendu Range of Bhutan in West Bengal.

You can explore a variety of exotic flowers like lilies, ferns, cactus-es, palms, etc in our garden.

A little about Paren Homestay

Welcome to Paren Homestay paren dooars

, a home away from home which has a very homely and friendly environment.

The location of the guest house provides a perfect getaway for people who want to avoid the hustle and bustle atmosphere and surrender themselves to pure relaxation and luxury.

The scenic view, the peacefulness, fresh air, and cleanliness relate to the guest house surroundings.

Keeping in mind the budget for travelers, we have two categories of accommodation from a cottage or ten-bed dormitory of your own with a private lawn near the swimming pool.

We have 4 well-appointed, comfortable cottages, spread across the property.

Take a Closer Look

Paren  Attractions: Paren  is the newest attraction of the Dooars.

A snowbound valley famous for its beautiful sunset views, it is also a must visit place for visitors with adventurous nature in mind.

Todey Valley is another side of the Dooars that offers breathtaking scenery.

 Todey Tangta Valley is a forest land with white snow-covered hills that hosts Todey Village.

It is the home of Jaldhaka River. The picturesque valleys of in West Bengal make it an ideal destination for some winter time travel.

Paren is a popular spot in the Dooars for nature lovers.

Located in the Paren valley, it is a beautiful village and this is the reason people called it “Switzerland”.

It offers many facilities like guest houses, hotels, and few eateries for tourists.

Best of them Paren Homestay, Todey Home stay, Tamang Homestay.

Places to Visit :Dooars boasts of some of the most beautiful picturesque mountains, plains, and valleys in India.

The mountainous beauty of this region was described by Ralph Waldo Emerson as “…a roseate orb of nature’s loveliest dreaming…a necklace of clouds…a sieve of dreams…the colorful fragment of the world’s lushes harmony.”

It is one of the very few places in the world that can induce a feeling of bliss.

The scenery here is breathtaking and very different from the others.

It offers a refreshing and breathtaking experience that is hard to explain.

Dooars, after being driven through the dense forest of jungles, suddenly takes the tourists to Paren and  valley.

Tips for Your Trip: Offer Great Views This might sound like a no-brainer but the best way to enjoy the valley is to visit on a Sunday.

This way you will be able to witness the monsoons’ torrential downpour in the surrounding mountains.

Also, expect clear weather in the morning which, for us, is often the best time to be outdoors.

Some of the most intriguing sights are seen along the river banks, thanks to the towering granite peaks.

Stay at Khambuhang Nature Holiday Camp, Do not choose any of the budget accommodation.

Khambuhang offers a comfortable stay at the resort. And what’s more is that it is equipped with a few cozy rooms which can accommodate all of your family members.

Of course, we understand that you don’t have the heart to sleep in a tent but that doesn’t mean that you should not try.

Conclusion: Dooars are perhaps the most picturesque region in India and have the highest concentration of forts, monasteries and Buddhist temples.

It’s well worth visiting this lesser-known state of India in 2017. But before you do so, please read our complete Paren  guide and do so for the best experience of your life.

If you’re looking for beautiful and interesting places to visit in India, go and explore the Himalayan destinations in Bhutan as well.

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