Murti Resort

Chocolate Inn

Murti Resort is the best hotel in Murti dooars. Are you looking for “hotels in Murti” then our resort is a perfect result for you? Its spread over a large area & the landscape has been tastefully done. There is a pool in the center of the resort and picturesque cottages is the beautiful attraction of this Resort.

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Luxury Double Bedded Cottage (AC)


Deluxe Double Bedded Cottage (AC)


Premium Double Bedded Cottage (AC)



Murti Resort AMENITIES

In-room Amenities



Orientation OF Murti Resort

The murti resort (Chocolate Inn)  is surrounded by various trees, name Sal, Kadam, Arjun, Teak, Malaigiri, Sisso, Champak, Grapes, Cashew nut, Litchi, Guava, and many other trees and plants, which make it greenery.

A good number of books helps you to know about the people and his arts & culture of this region. You can also enjoy the folk song and dances of various communities of this place.

Conveniently located just 5 km. from wbtdc murti tourist lodge. Murti Resort is the rarest of resorts composing a serene and peaceful ambiance in the lap of mother nature. The beauty around our resort will certainly mesmerize you and that is what makes us the clear winner in town.

A little about Murti Resort

There are many famous hotels in Murti. Nature surrounds you as soon as you take the 70 meters downhill climb from the parking to reach our resort at Murti. This accommodation  provides stairs and ramps to facilitate the climb and has benches along the way if you want to sit and take in the beauty of your surroundings. And it is very close to Murti river North Bengal

Enclosed by a dense rain forest, and freshwater springs flowing alongside resort’s lawns, Murti Resort is a blend of natural beauty and abundant charm. And, verily, the cool breeze sailing through the corridors will waft away all your worries, leaving alone the trails of pleasance, making you invigorated.

The resort, inspired by nature, is a rich source of tranquility and peace and is a perfect destination offering a memorable staying experience.

Amidst the perfect location, comes an opulent accommodation. Rooms at resort Murti are strategically appointed with a private sitting area and a balcony.

With windows in the rooms opening up to the garden and the forest, the picturesque beauty will not escape your sight even from the rooms, providing a feeling of euphoria.

Facilities at Murti Resort

This resort presents a multi-cuisine Restaurant offering an array of distinctive dishes and a cafe Conference Hall to meet your business needs.

We also offers an environment-friendly tour, camping, trekking and has been highly recommended for adventure activities including Trekking, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, River Crossing, and many more. The resort has its camps, supervised by expert trainers.

If you are energetic and full of adventure, Murti Resort is the place you are looking for. So, we don’t believe you have many reasons to let this opportunity go

Nearby attractions at hotels in Murti

Gorumara National Park

Gorumara remaining the most famous vacation destination of Dooars, there is no dearth of visitor activity here.

The traveler activity is the jungle safari. These are through morning hours and late afternoon on Jeeps which are expressly marked for this purpose. There are various safari routes inside the woodland that will take you to a few of the core areas of Gorumara National Park.

 In the evening culture including tribal dances and folk music production are at several locations around the woodland which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Samsing & Suntalekhola

It is a natural scenery lover’s paradise. Green The travel to Samsing is one, as you lento ride uphill via the most attractive Dooars tea property on the rolling mountain slopes.

Suntalekhola or Suntaley Khola is a smaller city and a tourism place in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal. This location is almost 5 km from Samsing, which is also a smaller attractive serene village.

The green spot on the left side of the way to Suntalekhola is wonderful and holds numerous verities of birds and butterflies.

 It is also a location for birding with wild birds, Types of wild birds are available here pond heron, black eagle, red-vented bulbul, mountain partridge, bronzed drongo, blue rock thrush, scarlet minivet, rufous sibia, gray treepie, lesser racket-tailed drongo, spangled drongo, and common green magpie.

There are WBFDC cottages for travelers to reside in. Several journey routes derive from Suntalekhola, most of which are within the Neora Valley National Park, which is placed nearby this location.

Jaldapara National Park

Jaldapara is among the most luxuriant woodlands of the area and is tea estates. Jaldapara is located in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas.

The river Torsha runs through this rain woodland sanctuary which is mainly protected with tall grasses, the sanctuary circumscribe a luxuriant plant and wealthy various wildlife.

 The Malangi River also runs nearest from east to west. Riding elephants and 4×4 safaris are just ways to move inside this woodland. An elephant safari is popular with many people staying in Jaldapara ( in holong resort or tourism resort ) overnight.

The 4×4 safari both in the morning and the afternoon. The natural life, in addition to the popular Superb Indian One-Horned rhinos, involves Royal Bengal Tigers, bison, wild elephants, wild pigs, hog deers, swamp deers, deers.

Murti river

It truly is at the foothills of the Himalayas in the Jalpaiguri district of Bengal. The location is called on the river “Murti” which runs state in the woods.

 The wonder of the location lies in the knee-deep crystal clear rivers of the river Murti, Camping is one of the famous activities in Murti along with trek.

The Gorumara National Park, which is a residence to Indian Rhinos, Wild Elephants, and different bird types is simply a stone’s throw from Murti.

 The famous Gorumara National Park is some kilometers away from Murti. The green all over, clean air, and peace all around create the location a wonderful destination for travelers and tourists.

Murti is a tranquil, serene forest where one can spend few days in relaxation and peace of mind.

Jhalong & Bindu

JHALONG is the 1st upcoming offbeat vacation destination Dooars.

It is a different lesser-trodden offbeat wonderful of Dooars Himalayan foothills, is located on the bank of Water Jaldhaka on the way to BINDU from LATAGURI.

The Jhaldaka River runs nearby the location and a hydroelectric project has been going currently.

The Dam is a superb spot for picnics and several such picnic locations are situated in the area.

Bindu is about thirty minutes journey from Jhalong, built on Jaldhakha water. A rare scene of the Bhutan Himalayas and snow top mountains in the wintertime.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is among the older Sanctuary in India. It is located in the Nagrakata block of the Jalpaiguri area, West Bengal.

The Murti River runs by the western outside of it and the Sanctuary is entirely located on the simple land of the. Just 9 .6 square kilometers location is bordered in this Sanctuary.

 It is Sanctuary in India comparing with others. The Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is filled with thick greenery which offers a natural residence to the animals and wild birds living here.

 With very high trees and the dense bower of greenery, this sanctuary is a wildlife paradise. In 1895, it was publicized as Reserve Forest by the British Government. In 1998, it was publicized as Wildlife Sanctuary.


Paren, renowned all over the world for its natural beauty the state of West Bengal. The name “Paren” is coming from a local bamboo plant Parentar.

Paren’s excellent location overlooking a magnificent panorama of the Tendu range offers visitors remarkable sceneries to view and its historical colonial background with a setting with Jaldhaka River.

There are several budget homestays, if you wish you can spend the night there at low cost.

Todey Village

Todey Village is another nearest tourist spot for Trekking lovers. Trekking arrangements for the visitor to the Himalayas are available in two styles:

a. a tea house trek –
in which one avails of the boarding facilities along the trek route, and
b. an organized trek –

Tent House Trek
In a Tent House, you are provided with guides and porters, and your trek itinerary is planned in a manner to ensure that you arrive at the proper time at specific boardings for your meals and night-halt.

Please be reminded once again that tea house trekking is only available on certain trekking routes.

Organized Trek
An organized trek is the only way to approach areas where there is little or no human habitation. This is the situation in most cases, hence the need for total logistic support.

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